Property management is a wonderful option for owners of real estate who want professional help overseeing the financial, marketing, and maintenance of a property.

I provide the following property management services:

  • View property to determine marketing and price
  • Advertise on websites including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and more
  • Weekly vacant property check (at a minimum)
  • Handle rental inquiries and show property
  • Rental application processing/tenant screening
  • Thorough lease review and counseling for tenants of all provisions prior to start date
  • Lease execution and collection of initial move-in monies (rent and security deposit)
  • Thorough move-in condition report, with photos (conducted prior to occupancy)
  • On-call for property and tenant emergencies
  • Monthly drive-by inspection of property
  • Bi-annual interior and exterior inspection of home
  • Collect monthly rent from the tenants
  • Ability to accept online rent payments from tenants
  • Owner disbursements made by the 15th of each month via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Send late notices out to tenant
  • Monthly and annual financial reports to owner
  • 24/7 access to owner documents and accounting reports through your owner portal
  • Hold tenant’s security deposit
  • Arrange routine maintenance
  • Owner updates on property
  • Provide eviction services for non-payment of rent and/or lease violation, if required
  • Move-out inspection and security deposit reconciliation when tenant vacates
  • 1099 reporting and processing annually

How do you find a tenant?
I utilize many resources when marketing your property. I post it on my own website as well as Postlets, Zillow,, and many others. I also add it to Craigslist and place a sign if needed.

How do you qualify a tenant?
I follow guidelines provided by Nevada landlord/tenant law. I qualify tenants based on the following: Credit, previous rental history, employment history, etc.

How do you determine the rent price for my property?
I run a comprehensive search of similar properties in your area, comparing  like properties and included amenities side by side with your home.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?
Location, price and condition of the home play a role in how long a home may stay up for rent. If your property is in good condition, and priced right, it should rent quickly. A typical home will rent in 30 days on average. It could rent in a week or may take longer than the average based on market conditions. I am personally present at all showings and make myself available at many different times to accommodate showings.

Why is my property a good investment?
We believe there are four main benefits in owning investment property. Income: Cash flow generated from the rental property. Equity Buildup: While the tenant is paying your mortgage, your mortgage is decreasing and equity is building. Tax Savings: Tax laws may provide a shelter for the income through depreciation.

How is maintenance handled?
Tenants are to report an issue to me and I respond and get the appropriate parties to take care of the issue If the cost is more than $200.00, I will provide a quote and we will seek the approval of the owner before proceeding with the work.

How often do you check on my property?
I check each property at a minimum of bi annually. I drive by  once every month. If the exterior of the home has changed from the last visit, I immediately schedule an interior inspection.

How long do we sign an agreement for?
One year.

Can you pay my bills?
We can pay the following, insurance, HOA fees, utilities, property taxes and more.

What does all of this cost?
Management fees rate is 10%. My tenant finder fee is a flat $750.00  which is not paid until the property is rented. My rates are negotiable for multi-family units.